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Should I send my child back for hybrid learning?

As we look ahead to spring it’s exciting and scary. I feel hopeful and cautious at the same time. And I know most of you are feeling…

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The Preschool Promise

Last November, Multnomah County voted in Measure 26-214, also known as the Preschool-For-All measure. All families in Multnomah County…

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Baby Foods and Heavy Metals

I’m sure you’ve read the headlines about a variety of heavy metals being found in baby foods. But before you throw out all the baby food, do

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COVID-19, the 2020 Grinch

As of yesterday, Multnomah County has entered into a Two-Week Pause. This last week has been startling, watching daily case counts jump…

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Halloween and COVID

2020 has been a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad year (Kudos if you got the reference). Between social distancing restrictions,…

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Wildfire Threat

Could 2020 get anymore overwhelming? Here in Portland, there are wildfires to north, the east, the south, and the west. Many of our…

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The Resources Resource

Need something? Find something. Found something cool? Let us know about it, we’ll add it in. The Science Oregon Health Authority COVID-19…

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Mixed Feeling About School

Earlier this summer I joked that we needed to add half an hour to every appointment to allow time to talk about school. The concerns, the fears, the anxieties. I’ve heard yours and am certainly feeling my own. On top of everything else 2020 keeps throwing at us, worrying about making good choices for school…

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