Adolescent Medicine

Adolescence Is an Exciting, Constantly Changing and Sometimes Frightening Adventure

A teen's job is to establish their identity as an individual and find their place in the world, all while navigating the effects of puberty, changing peer and family relationships, school stress and social media messaging. It may sound daunting, but you and your teen are not alone.


We Have the Training to Help

Our pediatricians in Portland have the training needed to help your adolescent deal with the physical and emotional challenges they may face. We have the expertise to manage eating disorders, reproductive health, irregular periods and mood disorders such as anxiety and depression. We are ready to answer questions about drugs and alcohol, relationships and sex, stress and problems at home and school.

Regular preventive care visits are as important in adolescence as they were when your child was much younger. Not only do they allow us to get to know your child and family, they lay the foundation for a patient-physician relationship that helps your adolescent see us as a trusted source of information.


Helping Adolescents and Parents

During some adolescent visits we may ask parents to leave the room and allow their teen to talk to the pediatrician in confidence. This confidentiality will be maintained as long as it is safe to do so. In all the noise of information (and misinformation) we want to be a safe source of guidance for teens and a backup for parents. We are also there to help guide you through your changing role as a parent of a teen, and help you understand the developmental stages of adolescence.


Setting the Stage

We continue to see adolescents up until their 21st birthday, and we often see our adolescent and young adult patients in our Teen Clinic. We will work with you to help your up-and-coming young adult know how to navigate the medical system and advocate for their health. You can help by encouraging them to take on some of their own medical care, from calling the advice nurse with a question and setting up their own portal account, to making an appointment and knowing how to fill a prescription at a pharmacy.