Should I send my child back for hybrid learning?

As we look ahead to spring it’s exciting and scary. I feel hopeful and cautious at the same time. And I know most of you are feeling similarly conflicted based on the questions we are hearing. I have been asked for my thoughts on sending kids back to school frequently, so I decided to make this quick video to help you sort through your decision. I hope this helps, and call us if you have specific questions about your child’s situation.

Worried about how your child will do wearing a mask at school? The good news is that a year into the pandemic most of our kids have become used to both seeing and wearing masks. We see them do very well in the office. The Oregon Pediatric Society has put together a great resource called Mask Up Oregon Kids. You can find answers to your questions and great tips for children with mask anxiety and sensory issues.

Wondering why ventilation in classrooms is so important? The CDC has identified ventilation “an important COVID-19 prevention strategy for schools and child care programs.” Check out this 3-D simulation showing how ventilation makes a shared space safer.