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Pediatrics Is More Than Just Ear Infections, Growth Charts and Sports Forms

We have the pediatric training and experience to be the experts at every developmental stage, from newborn to school-age to adolescence. We know the unique developmental and emotional needs children have, as well as the disease processes that are specific to pediatrics in Portland. Not only do we know how to listen to kids, we delight in hearing their opinions, dreams, and yes, even their knock-knock jokes.

As parents ourselves, we know the care and support we want for our families. We are here to advise, teach and encourage you along your parenting journey.

How can we help you?


Well-Child Care

Well-Child Care is the backbone of strong pediatric care. At Well Visits we monitor your child’s growth and development, address your questions and concerns and work together to prevent injuries and illnesses. During these visits we build on a relationship of trust with you and your child that is the foundation for proactive, compassionate and personal care.


Adolescent Medicine

Adolescence is an amazing, rewarding and challenging time, for both you and your teen. We are here to help guide you through your changing role as a parent of a teen and help adolescents choose ways to be safe, think independently and build good relationships with family and peers.



Immunizations are a key component of evidence-based, preventive care. As pediatricians, we have a lot of experience with vaccines and unfortunately, experience with the diseases they prevent.

That's why we recommend that children of all ages stay up-to-date on their immunizations, just as we have done with our own children.


Illness & Injury Care

Pediatricians are the experts in the illnesses, their complications, and the care of injuries in infants, children and teens. We offer same-day appointments and after-hours care to treat unexpected injuries and illnesses.


After Hours Care

Illnesses and injuries, like children, can be unpredictable. That's why we have office hours on evening, weekends and holidays.

Some questions just can't wait until morning. Our pediatricians are available whenever the office is closed, so that you can get your urgent questions answered 24 hours a day.


Behavioral & Mental Health

Pediatricians care for the whole body, including emotional health, developmental issues and behavioral challenges. While we emphasize education, prevention and early intervention, we also diagnose and treat a wide variety of behavioral and mental health disorders.


Care Coordination

Parenting a child with complex physical or mental health needs is challenging, but our Care and Referral Coordinators are here to help.

They will communicate with you by phone, portal or at your visit, and help manage the sharing of information between you and your pediatrician between visits, and between specialists, as well as finding you the supports you need.