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Staying safe at your appointment

Survey results   Since March 14th, we have been working non-stop to keep our staff and our patients safe in and out of the office. We stay updated on official recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and the Oregon Health Authority, and remain in contact with local pediatric practices, pediatric infectious disease specialists, and…

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Moving Forward in Compassion

2020 has proven to be a pivotal year, testing our resolve and capacity to be in community and care for each other in ways we never dreamed of just a few short months ago. These last couple months have been a marathon. I don’t know about you, but I look ahead and road continues to…

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Racist Violence and Broken Social Trust

Hello Friends. My mind and my heart have been reeling this last week. As a society, we have a lot of racial and class injustice to contend with. Access to care disparities, financial disparities, housing disparities, infection risk disparities, health disparities, food disparities and more, all being amplified by global crisis. Our vulnerable and minority…

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Should I be worried about MIS-C?

Unless you’re well on your way to Mars, you have been hearing a lot of frightening news reports about Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children, or MIS-C. And like most parents, you probably have a lot of questions, as do we. Currently, there’s much more that we don’t know than what we do know. The good…

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We Are Here For You; COVID-19 Edition

I took a few minutes while I was on call to share some important information. Apparently my heart is overflowing with gratitude because I have many, many thanks I want to express… our staff and patients are the best! I also talk about some basic but important steps to manage our mental health during a…

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Your Pandemic Mission

If you’ve had a check-up or a telehealth visit with me in the past 6 weeks, there is a very good chance that you have been subjected to these questions: How are you connecting to others? Do you have a regular bedtime? Are you eating meals three times a day? Are you sitting down to…

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COVID-19 Haikus

While we are working hard to keep up with the constantly evolving pandemic and provide safe, quality care, we are also trying to find ways to manage our own well-being. We explored our creative sides by writing haikus about our experiences with COVID-19. I do not consider myself a very creative person, but I did…

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What the COVID-19 Response looks like at EPPC

East Portland Pediatrics looks and functions a bit differently these days. We are sure there are more adaptations to come, but we wanted to give you all a glimpse into how things are working here in response to COVID-19. The first thing you’ll notice is a completely empty waiting room. In order to maximize social…

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Coronavirus and COVID-19

Our Federal agencies are telling us we can expect more cases of coronavirus and here in Portland where there are three presumptive cases already, we have to assume that means us. There’s a lot of information inundating our public and online spaces; with 6 deaths in our neighboring state of Washington, it’s normal to feel…

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