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The Science

Oregon Health Authority COVID-19 Updates

Get the most up-to-date numbers, recommendations, and regulations for Oregon as well as answers to frequently asked questions regarding COVID-19 and local response.

Exposure to Illness

How to Protect Yourself & Others

The quick and dirty on COVID-19 prevention

If You Are Sick or Caring for Someone

The go-to article from the CDC addressing when to quarantine, how long to isolate, how to isolate sick folks from well within the home, how to disinfect, etc.

Keeping the Household Sane

Parenting in a Pandemic: Tips to Keep the Calm at Home

HealthyChildren article discussing strategies to promoting positivity in the home

The Family Dinner Project

Family life has always been a bit chaotic. Now more than ever, having dinner together offers an opportunity to connect, unwind, and collaborate. The Family Dinner Project offers inspiration. And a whole slew of pandemic resources of their own.

Healthy Sleep Habits: How Many Hours Does Your Child Need?

So much more than just sleep information, this article addresses how our waking routines impact our ability to have adequate rest. Sleep is an important part of being our healthiest self and it can often be the canary-in-the-coalmine for our mental health.

Supporting Children and Self-Care

11 Ways to Help Kids with Special Needs or Autism Wear Masks

Self explanatory

Hacking Your Child’s Diagnosis Into a Superpower

An article that was originally written to help parents find new ways to re-frame and address challenges in neurodiverse kids now has greater application in an era where most children are dealing with heightened levels of anxiety. If you, like me, find this article helpful, look for more by Robyn Koslowitz on Targeted Parenting.

How to help kids be resilient through the pandemic

The best summation of psychological first aid for folks in a hurry. Motherly also has good articles on helping kids through disappoint caused by social distancing and other COVID mental health impacts.

Listen, Protect, and Connect

A more in-depth guide to psychological first aid

Parental Burnout

An article about how to identify parental burnout and how to combat it

Child Mind Institute’s Resources Encyclopedia

This is basically an index of resources from one of the leading organizations supporting children’s mental and social well-being.


Visiting Parks and Recreational Facilities

From the CDC, how to stay safe while using public facilities

Youth Sports & COVID-19: Understanding the Risks

This article breaks down how to assess risk levels. Here’s a safety checklist.


A website to get kids moving – at home, indoors, with screentime. Parenting win.

COVID-19 Resources for Portland Families

PDX Parent’s regularly updated page for resources and activity ideas as well as virtual events

Multnomah County Library’s Virtual events


Return to School During COVID-19

What school may look like when it re-opens and how to keep schooling safe once cases drop enough in our community

Portland Public School’s Coronavirus updates and resources page

The Rise of Pandemic Pod Schooling

An in-depth discussion of the pros and cons of forming a schooling pod in your community

How to Create a Home Learning Environment

An article about setting up a space for learning and a predictable schedule

How to Reduce the Stress of Homeschooling on Everyone

A good pep-talk and reality check to revisit anytime the stress levels are rising.

Online Activities Guide for Kids

A compilation of online learning activities, this web page is the best organized resource I found. Explore one a week!

Amazing Educational Resources

A searchable database for online resources. Got a topic your kid is passionate about? This website makes it easy to do a deep-dive mini-course. Type it in and explore!

Resources for Families During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Need help troubleshooting virtual schooling? Common Sense Media is all about rating and curating the best media content and tools for kids and learning. Check out their distance learning support tool Wide Open School for grade-based planning and resources.


American Academy of Pediatrics apps

Look for the section for parents. There is a symptom checker app, a health tracker app, and the Healthy Children magazine app


OPB’s educational shows turned into interactive education