& Injury Care

Illness and Injury are Normal Parts of Childhood...

... but you are not alone in managing them. Whether it's a fever, a broken bone or an exceptionally virulent case of stomach flu, our pediatricians and nurses are here to provide your child the care they need to recover quickly. In addition to being open 364 days a year, we also offer same-day appointments and after-hours care for these unexpected events.

For many illnesses and minor injuries, our advice nurses can talk you through home care, so you won’t need to make an unnecessary trip. After the office is closed, our Portland kid's doctors are available by phone for emergent issues.


Always the Care You Need From A Familiar East Portland Face

Not sure if you need to go to the emergency room or not? Call us first. At East Portland Pediatric Clinic we can treat burns, diagnose and splint fractures and suture lacerations. We know your child's history, so we’ll know immediately whether a tetanus booster shot is needed.

Wondering about popping into that urgent care around the corner? Most urgent care clinics do not care for children on a regular basis. No one knows more about babies, kids and teens than a pediatrician, and no pediatrician knows more about your child than we do. And that can make all the difference in the world.

When you are in pain or scared, being in a familiar space and seeing a familiar face can ease some of the worry.


When the Emergency Room is the Right Place to Be

Sometimes the emergency room is exactly where a child needs to be. When emergencies happen, it helps to be prepared. Knowing ahead of time which hospital systems are covered by your insurance plan will help you avoid a larger bill. When possible, take your child to a pediatric emergency room. In our area, these can found at: