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Yup, Your Kids ARE Always Sick

If you are a first time parent, that first illness your child experiences is momentous. Their every breath rattles the mucus in their nose and the back of their throat and your anxiety builds as you listen to them sleep through the monitor–whether you can hear their breathing or if you can’t. Is it the…

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School Exclusion Day is Approaching!

This week marks the deadline for schools to report each student’s immunization status to the county health department. Children that are under-immunized will have letters mailed home on February 5th. On February 19th, any child who is not up-to-date on their vaccinations and does not have an exemption on file will be excluded from school.…

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Flu Bites

Here at East Portland Pediatric Clinic, we firmly believe in vaccines. All of us here are in this field of work because we love to see kids thrive. We’re also the place to go when children are not thriving. Vaccines are our most effective tool to keep children healthy and living their best lives. When…

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Mushroom Hunting

Mushrooms, those little fungi that pop up in your lawn, charm you on your walks in the forests, and delight the curiosities of our intrepid, little explorers. The Pacific Northwest is mycologically rich and this time of year you can find wild mushroom hunters selling their finds in farmers markets booths across the city. Portland…

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Potty Time! Again. And again. And again.

So you were at one time excited about the prospect of your little being out of diapers and using the toilet. But on this particular zoo trip, having spent more time staring at tile than seeing animals and heading back to the bathroom once again, you’re silently laughing at your naive, toddler-having you. Early on…

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Back to School Anxiety – the Parent Version

Early school day mornings are often fraught with chaos, precarious multi-tasking, and yelled conversations negotiating logistics and necessary items. When you or your child are anxious about school, there’s an extra edge, an extra level of frenzy that can linger long after all the tasks of the morning routine have been checked off. The crawling…

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Eat Your Vegetables!

When I was a youngster, I was the kid who was stuck at the kitchen table well after dinnertime with a pile of long-cold green beans or beets still on my plate, slowly moldering away. I was my parents’ picky eater, forever a light-weight. And I was STUBBORN. I could out-sit any rejected food, fore-go…

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Back to School Doldrums, Or…

School’s back in session. Alarm clocks are going off earlier, with mad dashes to fill lunch bags and stuff backpacks on the way out the door. It’s normal to hear complaining and dragging feet, especially while trying to re-establish the school rhythm after several months without it. But sometimes those complaints sound more substantive or…

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How to Feel with Toddlers

I talk a lot about feelings, relationships, and good communication on the blog and for good reason–a lot of the challenges of parenting revolve around behavior management. Whether you’re negotiating how your teen handles the responsibility of using the car or grocery store meltdowns, supportive emotional regulation, positive relationships, and a shared understanding about roles…

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