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Water Safety

Temperatures are pushing the toward 90 degrees in Portland and water play is looking increasingly attractive to humans of all ages. You may have noticed a sort of gravitational pull toward water play in your curious little ones. Recently the American Academy of Pediatrics updated their recommendations on water safety this March, publishing the policy…

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Autism and the Neurodiversity Movement

You may have recently started hearing about the concept of neurodiversity or the terms “neurotypical” and “neurodivergent.” The Neurodiversity Movement is an effort, spearheaded by the autism community but also very much carried by people with long-term mental health diagnoses, to de-pathologize and reduce stigma around these diagnoses. The idea is akin to the Ableism…

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SE Main St. repaving Apr. 25-May 2: Expect delays and use alternate routes

Starting Thursday, April 25th, crews will be repaving SE Main from 96th Ave. to Cherry Blossom Dr. The work is expected to take 7-10 days and will include intermittent lane closures and up to 20-minute delays on SE Main St. throughout the project.  This will make getting into our parking lot from Main St difficult. To…

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Fisher-Price Rock’N’Play and Sleep Safety

Recently the Fisher-Price Rock’N’Play was recalled due to infant deaths. As a mom who struggled to get their child to sleep, I totally understand all you mothers out there for whom the Rock’N’Play felt like a game-changer in helping your baby get their beauty sleep. If you’re feeling defensive about giving up your Rock’N’Play, please…

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If you have a budding adolescent, you’re probably already fielding acne anxiety. For many adults, the adolescent years can feel like a gauntlet that we all had to survive and acne is just one of the many tribulations that beset people in the adolescent years. But should we allow nature’s hazing to run it’s course?…

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Anxiety in Children

We’ve talked before about anxiety around parenting and mental health challenges for teens, but what about younger children? Modern life is rife with external demands and pressing concerns that threaten our global well-being and children are increasingly affected at younger ages. According to the CDC, since 2007, anxiety rates in children have increased and are…

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Let the Sun Shine!

The spring equinox has come, the sun is shining, and the ground is no longer in danger of freezing. In the past week my son has spent more time outside than in the preceding month (he really has little tolerance for cold and wind). The sun’s rays aren’t as direct as they will be in…

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The Anti-Vaccination Campaign

By now, many of you are probably aware that large technology companies are stepping forward to combat anti-vaccination misinformation. The biggest names include Pinterest, Google (who owns YouTube), and Facebook. The American Medical Association and the American Association of Pediatrics stepped forward with an open letter requesting social media companies to do more to combat…

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This week, I thought I’d post a recap article. I’ve touched on a lot different topics in the last couple months and there’s always new content and resources being generated. Nuts and Bolts Safety: Your kid is 2 years old, should you turn that car seat around? AAP recommends keeping kids rear facing until the…

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