The material provided here is for informative purposes only. If you need specific medical advice, please call our office for an appointment or to speak with one of our advice nurses.


General Resources

Symptom Checker from the AAP

Look up your child's symptom and find information.

A wealth of pediatric information and the latest news at your fingertips, from he American Academy of Pediatrics.


A wide variety of health information for parents, kids and teens.



Vaccine Education Center

From one of the nation's leading children's hospitals, everything you could want to know about vaccines, from how they work to safety information

American Academy of Pediatrics

From the AAP, find what immunizations your child needs and get detailed information about the diseases we can prevent.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Information from the CDC, with a special page for parents.

Vaccinate Your Baby

Another great site to help answer your questions and keep you updated on vaccine issues.

Instant Childhood Immunization Scheduler

Enter your child's birthdate to find out what vaccines he or she needs and when.


Safety Tidbits

Poison Control

Call 1-800-222-1222 if your child has swallowed or been exposed to a possible poison. The experts at Poison Control have a multitude of resources and experts at their fingertips and will guide you through any actions you need to take. Be sure to program the number into your cell phone, so you can call them from anywhere! The website has poison and safety information, a newsletter, and you can also download the Poison Control app to your phone.

First Aid & Safety

Keeping your child safe is your top priority. Learn how to protect your child inside the house and out, what to do in an emergency, how to stock a first-aid kit, where to call for help, and more. From KidsHealth.

Kids in Danger

A nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting children by improving children's product safety. Check out information about the latest recalls. You can also sign up for a monthly email newsletter alerting you to recalls.

Safe Kids USA

Working to prevent accidental injury of all kinds for children worldwide. They are also another source for recall information.

CPSC Recall Announcements and Product Safety Alerts

Straight from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. You can also search by product type for recalls.

Consumer Reports now has a Safety Alert page, complete with videos on bike helmet safety and safety gates.

Randall Children’s Hospital Safety Center

A treasure trove of safety equipment and advice, located at Emanuel Hospital. Learn something new every time you visit. And they have free valet parking!

Doernbecher Children’s Hospital Safety Center

Safety information online, and you can get a personal helmet fitting in the lobby of Doernbecher Children’s Hospital… the helmet prices are a bargain!


Car Seat Safety

How long do children need to ride rear-facing? How do I install a car seat? What should I look for in buying a new car seat? When do I move my child to forward-facing? Here's where you can find some answers.

Car Seats: Information for Families

From choosing to installing your car seat, get the latest from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Oregon Impact Car Seat Checks

Certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians and trained volunteers will check for correct installation, damage, recalls, and size and age appropriateness. Each seat takes about 45 minutes to check but the peace of mind will last for years! You can also link to advice for recycling your old car seat, when to replace a car seat if there has been an accident, and car seat recalls. 

The 5 Step Test to graduate from a booster

Visit The Car Seat Lady to find a great explanation of the 5 Step Test that your child needs to pass in order to move on from a booster seat. She will fit the seat belt the best once she is at least 4 feet, 9 inches. You might be surprised to know that most kids won’t pass until they are 10-12 years old!

Why should I keep my child rear-facing?

Wondering why you should keep your child rear-facing in the car? Look here for a great explanation of the safety benefits, along with crash test videos that clearly show how rear-facing is better.