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When Your Child is Afraid of Shootings

This is a real post written by a real child on Reddit. Remember when fear of school was about failure? If you’re like me, you really want to pull this child in close and talk it out with them. These are heavy issues this kid is carrying. They’re not alone in their worry and may…

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Kindergarten Readiness

The 2019-2020 school year is just a month away. Entering school for the first time is a huge milestone for our littles and few parents walk away from that Kindergarten classroom totally dry-eyed. It’s a time when we as parents reflect on how much our children have grown and marvel at the people they have…

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Talking About Alcohol

Many parents want their children to have as long of a childhood as possible. The realities of adulthood are heavy topics and we don’t want our kids anticipating the stresses of adolescence and young adulthood at an elementary age. So when do we start talking to our kids about things like substance use, especially that…

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Broken Sleep Expectations

Congratulations on your brand new baby and farewell to that wonderful feeling of waking up rested. Of all the changes and challenges that a new child brings, the broken sleep cycle is one of the most difficult precisely because broken sleep affects all other aspects of living. Everything is just a little bit harder. Most…

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Be Internet Awesome

I know in the past my posts regarding kids and their access to the internet has not been uplifting. So today I wanted to provide you with a great resource for preparing kids for the challenges of internet based communities. Google has put together this amazing resource for internet fluency titled Be Internet Awesome. At…

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Early Puberty

Puberty is daunting. Emotions change, bodies change, mentalities change, social interactions change, routines change, expectations change, abilities change, and identities change. Puberty is a tectonic shift and it can be exciting, but it also hurts. So much change happening in a short time span is always painful. Not all of the new experiences puberty brings…

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Potty Training!

Those early years can feel like you’re always anticipating that next big leap. When will my baby sleep through the night? Eat table foods with the rest of the family? Start dressing themselves and gaining independence? But toileting is a milestones among milestones. And the mark seems to move with new parenting trends. Is elimination…

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1000 Hours Outside – The Science Behind Getting Your Hands Dirty

Imagine this: you just got home from work, dinner needs to be made, the kitchen counters are strewn with crumbs and dishes from breakfast, and your kids are tugging at your sleeve asking for permission to play video games or watch television. You want to withhold screen time and tell your kids to go play…

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Vaping is not healthier than smoking

A century of media has made wafting smoke an institution of what is considered “cool.” One cannot start watching an old movie without some debonair character lighting up a cigarette. And like alcohol, it holds all the misplaced mystique of an adult activity. Thankfully, the harms of smoking are being loudly broadcasted across all levels…

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