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Inclement Weather Announcement

It looks like snow and ice are in Portland’s near future.  Since weather forecasts change frequently, we want to clearly communicate possible changes to our schedule. We will strive to make the best decisions to honor your appointments while prioritizing the safety of both your family and our EPPC family.   On weekdays, if Portland…

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Dental Health for Heart Health

Welcome to American Heart Month! Much of the focus around being heart healthy is centered around adults, but healthy habits and lifestyles start right away! One important habit to establish early is good oral hygiene. Gum disease has been linked with increased risk of heart disease and is a great example of how establishing health…

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This month, we looked at mental health concerns. So I thought, to end the month, let’s talk about how to support positive mental health processes in children. How do we as parents teach our kids to take life in balance and maintain a positive outlook? Kids want to feel successful in their efforts just like…

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We’re fielding a lot of questions about measles right now as the outbreak in our area continues to develop. So we thought we’d write a post with useful links to learn about measles, the vaccine, and the current outbreak. We’ll be updating this post as information changes regarding the current outbreak status. Check the locations…

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Parenting and Anxiety

Last week, I wrote a post highlighting mental health resources in our community for support of children struggling with behavioral concerns. But what about parents? How many times in a week (or a day if you’re like me) do you find yourself swirling in a cloud of self doubt and worry. “Am I doing this…

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Mental Health

Mental illness is an elusive and consuming challenge for families. As a parent, how do you help your child not only stay safe but also succeed? How do you build resilience for yourself, your family, and your child? This month, the Multnomah branch of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) is beginning their next…

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Baby, it’s Cold Outside

Freezing temperatures are upon us here in Portland. Coats as large as the children underneath are coming out of closets. How do you know how many layers to put your child in or if their cold hands are too cold? Here are some tips for dressing for the weather and some warning signs of over-exposure.…

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Travelling in the Season of Joy

Going to visit friends and family is a large part of the blessing of the holiday season, but getting there can be a big detractor. My son pretty much sums up all our feelings about travelling in the holiday season with yells of protest and displeasure as we buckle him into his car seat. Sometimes…

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Holiday Stress

It’s the 2nd week of December and your littles are excitedly counting down the days until holiday break. Meanwhile, your home is disheveled, invitations and events are piling onto the calendar, money is tighter than usual, and you are continually bombarded with holiday activities to do with your family that you know you’re never going…

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