Our Culture

Why Join the EPPC Family?

At our pediatric office, an enchanting and vibrant culture sets the stage for an exceptional experience for both our young patients and their families. Every corner of our space radiates with warmth and excitement, designed to alleviate any fears and create an atmosphere of comfort. Our dedicated team of pediatric professionals isn't just highly skilled, but also deeply passionate about making each visit an adventure filled with laughter and positivity. From the moment you step through our doors, you'll be greeted by friendly faces and cheerful surroundings, transforming routine appointments into memorable moments. Interactive waiting areas engage curious minds, while colorful themed exam rooms turn check-ups into captivating journeys. We understand that a visit to the doctor can be daunting for children, so we've woven the spirit of playfulness into our practice, ensuring that every child feels safe, cared for and excited to return. It's not just about healthcare; it's about fostering a lifelong love for well-being, all while embracing the joy of childhood.

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Caring for Patients and Nurturing Staff: Our Winning Formula

At East Portland Pediatric Clinic, two things fuel our passion: exceptional patient care and a vibrant staff spirit.

Unmatched Patient Care

Medical visits can be joyful experiences. Our team blends top-tier medical expertise with a warm, empathetic touch. From the tiniest patient to the most anxious parent, everyone feels at ease and cared for when they step through our doors.

Spreading Positivity

We know that happy staff equals happy patients. That's why we foster an atmosphere where we look forward to coming to work and spending time together and where work-life balance is highly valued as well. Building morale, developing internal relationships and staying positive are essential parts of our culture.


We wholeheartedly believe in the expression "there is no "i" in team." We work as a cohesive group here at East Portland Pediatric Clinic. Whether you have a question about a process or need help solving an issue for a patient, you can always lean on your teammates. We also encourage you to provide input on procedures and goings on in the office. Together, we're better.

Other Reasons Why We Work Here

Bunco Parties!!

At our company, we foster a fun company culture where employees bond over laughter and camaraderie, occasionally indulging in exciting Bunco games.

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Casual Fridays

Fridays are our ticket to unleash the inner fashion mavericks as we embrace the casual vibe in the office! Say goodbye to stiff collars and hello to funky tees, comfy jeans, and the most colorful socks you can find. It's all about spicing up the workplace with a dash of individuality and a sprinkle of fun!

From laid-back Hawaiian shirts to snazzy sneakers, everyone gets to showcase their unique style while still maintaining a professional attitude. Casual Fridays not only boost morale but also create a lively atmosphere that sparks creativity and camaraderie. So, let's ditch the formalities, rock those funky accessories and let our personalities shine as we sashay into the weekend with a fashionable flair!

Knock Knock

Step into our office, where a culture of creativity and camaraderie is fueled by a shared love for knock-knock jokes, seamlessly blending lightheartedness with productivity. Laughter echoes through our vibrant workspace, forging connections and fostering innovation in an environment where work and play intertwine effortlessly.

Want to Join the EPPC Family?

If this looks like a place you would enjoy furthering your career, click below and contact us today! We look forward to talking with you.