Toy Safety in the Holiday Season

December is upon us and many of us are compiling lists of the many littles and not-so-littles in our lives with gift ideas next to the names. Coming up with ideas is hard enough, but how do we know if a gift is safe? The American Academy of Pediatrics has a great article discussing toy guidelines and includes a link to the Consumer Product Safety Commission for toy recalls. Click on the photo below to link to the article.

An additional consideration: Ride-on toys such as motorized vehicles, balance bikes, and the increasingly popular hoverboards and wobbleboards comprise a large percentage of the injuries seen in emergency rooms across the country. If a child in your life is ready for one of these toys, also consider whether that child has safety equipment such as helmets and elbow pads. These safety accessories make great gift ideas for aunts, uncles, or other friends and family in a child’s life!