Holiday Stress

It’s the 2nd week of December and your littles are excitedly counting down the days until holiday break. Meanwhile, your home is disheveled, invitations and events are piling onto the calendar, money is tighter than usual, and you are continually bombarded with holiday activities to do with your family that you know you’re never going to pull off. On your commute, you’re running a mental inventory of your pantry trying to figure out what you can put on the table for dinner before the household devolves into hangry squabbles. Yay holidays!

Holidays can be a wonderful time of connecting with friends and family, sharing special traditions and moments, and enjoying the sights, sounds, and flavors of the season. They also can add a lot of extra demands onto our budgets, calendars, and mental load. Keeping up was a challenge even when you could send the kids outside to run our their wiggles. How do you protect and enjoy the joy of the season in the midst of all the flurry?

The American Academy of Pediatrics is here to help with a few tips. Click on the picture below to read about Holiday Mental Health Tips from, pour yourself a warm beverage, and take a few minutes to decompress. Happy Holidays!

Holiday Mental Health Tips