Travelling in the Season of Joy

Going to visit friends and family is a large part of the blessing of the holiday season, but getting there can be a big detractor. My son pretty much sums up all our feelings about travelling in the holiday season with yells of protest and displeasure as we buckle him into his car seat. Sometimes I too feel like crying as I sit on I-205 inching my way to our destination.

If you are planning on travelling, across state lines, country lines, or across the city, having a game plan, ensuring car seats are safely installed, and checking it twice can save a lot of headache when you’re finally loading up.

For tips on car seat safety in the winter time, the American Academy of Pediatrics has an article on how to ensure safety while still keeping your little ones warm. On their website you can find a whole series of articles about travel in the On-the-Go section.

If you are travelling by air this season, Parents magazine has an article written by flight attendants with tips and tricks for a less stressful journey.

Don’t forget to stop by our own Resources page! If you type in “travel” in the search bar of either the Pediatric Adviser resource or the KidsHealth resource, you can find all kinds of articles on travel regulations, strategies, and safety tips.

Happy Holidays!