School Exclusion Day is Approaching!

This week marks the deadline for schools to report each student’s immunization status to the county health department. Children that are under-immunized will have letters mailed home on February 5th. On February 19th, any child who is not up-to-date on their vaccinations and does not have an exemption on file will be excluded from school. This includes Preschools, Child Care, and Head Start as well as Kindergarten through Grade 12.

Don’t wait to see if you receive a letter to find out if your child is fully immunized! If you have signed up for My Kid’s Chart, our online patient portal, you can view your child’s immunization history. Each immunization has it’s own list of dates and you can compare the number of vaccinations your child has received with this list of required immunizations by age range.

If you haven’t signed up for the portal and know your child was up-to-date last year, you can check the list to see if your child is due for any additional vaccines. Still not sure? Call our office and ask if your child is up to date. We’re going to start getting a lot of calls about immunizations, so we may not be able to give you an answer right away. The sooner you call, the sooner we can confirm what your child needs.

For Oregon residents, you can find a Certificate of Immunization Status form to submit to your child’s school or daycare here. For more details about required vaccinations in the State of Oregon, you can visit this website.

For Washington residents, the same immunization schedule applies but you can directly access the State’s records of your child’s immunizations. You can still print and fill out the form by hand, or you can register and log in to the Immunization Information System and print a copy there. Instructions on how to do that can be found here. For more information on Washington State’s required vaccinations, go to this website. Please note, Washington’s requirements regarding immunization documentation will be changing for the 2020-2021 school year.