Potty Training!

Those early years can feel like you’re always anticipating that next big leap. When will my baby sleep through the night? Eat table foods with the rest of the family? Start dressing themselves and gaining independence? But toileting is a milestones among milestones. And the mark seems to move with new parenting trends. Is elimination communication the best strategy at one year of age? Is your child fiercely independent and fighting the process? You tried introducing the potty at 18 months and again at 2 years old, and now you’re thinking maybe it’s best to wait a few more months?

Every child’s personality is different and one baby may be eager to avoid the wet diaper sensation while the next child forms an attachment to eliminating in a diaper, giving them a sense of control and ownership of their bodily functions. (If you’re curious about the wide range of philosophies and methods for potty training, this article provides a decent breakdown.)

If you, like most parents, have hit the two year mark and are at a loss for how to encourage your little one to take on the porcelain challenge, here’s a great strategy guide to get you started. For a breakdown on “signs of readiness” and the American Academy of Pediatrics toilet training guide, visit here.