Resources for Dealing with Bullying

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Through childhood and adolescence, experiences shape perspective, resilience and character. When children encounter bullying, it can affect their emotional well-being, academic performance and self-esteem.  Here are some resources and strategies for dealing with bullying.   Understanding Bullying Bullying isn’t just one-off mean behavior or someone having a bad day. It always includes: Imbalance of power.…

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The Hidden Hazards of Lithium Coin and Button Batteries

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As electronic household items get smaller and “smarter,” they need energy. Small lithium coin and button batteries are everywhere, from remote controls to musical greeting cards. While these tiny power sources are incredibly useful, they pose a significant risk to young children.  The danger lies not only in their size, which makes them easily ingestible,…

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Information on RSV Shortage and Injection

Beyfortus Supply Shortage As you may have already heard, not enough Beyfortus was manufactured to meet the demand. This means that Beyfortus will be in short supply throughout the entire 2023-2024 RSV season. We are receiving a very limited number of doses, but it is unlikely we will have enough for everyone. This is disappointing…

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