Thank You for Making Our Flu Clinic Such a Success!

east portland pediatrics

We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to our incredible community for coming together and making this event a success! Over 400 patients were scheduled, and the drive-thru system worked like a charm.


Our dedicated staff ensured the smooth flow of the drive-thru clinic. We’re immensely proud of the way our team members rose to the occasion, and we even had some new recruits stepping up to learn the ropes of the drive-thru process. Their enthusiasm and commitment were truly remarkable. We’re glad we could make this easy for you.

Community Spirit 

Families and patients expressed their appreciation for the opportunity to participate in this convenient and safe vaccination event. Your kind words and encouragement motivate us to continue our mission of keeping our community healthy. This spirit of community is what makes East Portland Pediatric Clinic so special. Thank you for being part of it.


One generous family lent their eclipse glasses to our check-in crew so they could safely enjoy this awe-inspiring celestial event. 


The rain even held off until later in the afternoon. What else could we ask for?

Haven’t gotten your flu shot yet? It’s not too late.

Why get a flu shot?

  • Protect yourself: The flu vaccine is a powerful shield against influenza. It significantly reduces your chances of getting sick and experiencing severe symptoms.
  • Safeguard others: Getting vaccinated isn’t just about your well-being. It’s a collective effort to protect those around you. By reducing the spread of the flu, you help shield vulnerable individuals, including the very young, the elderly and those with compromised immune systems.
  • Enjoy a healthier winter: Last year was a severe flu season. With a flu shot, you increase your chances of more days in school, missing fewer events and getting to have more fun. Plus — staying flu-free helps keep your immune system ready for any other winter germs that might come creeping around.

We’re Glad to be Your Pediatric Team

As we look back on our incredible flu clinic day, we’re filled with gratitude for our amazing community. Your support, smiles and kind words have made our drive-thru flu clinic an unforgettable success. 

To schedule your flu shot or for any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact East Portland Pediatric Clinic at 503-255-3544. Or, use your patient portal to request an appointment today.