School Exclusion Date is April 20

Make sure your children are up-to-date on required vaccines so they don’t miss any school!

Each year, the state of Oregon has an exclusion date by which students must receive the required vaccinations. During the 2020-21 school year, the exclusion date was waived as classes were held online because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This year’s date was originally February 16, but was pushed back two months because of the pandemic.

Families with students who are not fully immunized will have received an exclusion letter on March 2. If you think the school is missing immunization records for your child, or you just want to make sure, you can check immunization records on the patient portal. You can also download the records to give to your school.

The Oregon Health Authority website has a list of which immunizations are required by state law for school, preschool, child care and Head Start.

We do offer shot-only appointments for our patients if your child needs to get up-to-date. Call early to get a time that works best for you, or you can go to one of the catch-up immunization clinics that the Multnomah County Health Department and Multnomah Education Service District are hosting at local schools in Multnomah County. If you are not in Multnomah County, call your school.