A New Step for East Portland Pediatrics: Changes in Masking Recommendations

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Here at East Portland Pediatrics, we take the health and safety of our patients and staff very seriously. We have been very proactive in taking infection control measures over the past three years to maximize patient and staff safety. Recently the Oregon Health Authority lifted the mask mandate in healthcare settings. As we move toward a post-pandemic era, we’re updating our masking policies to reflect the latest guidelines from public health. 


Masks Are Optional at Many Visits

When optional, we leave the decision to mask up to the individual. When patients and staff prefer to be masked we will strongly support that, and we will continue to offer masks to anyone who would like them. 


The Oregon Health Authority “recommends continued masking in health care settings for people: 

  • Who are unvaccinated, 
  • With compromised immune systems, 
  • With underlying health conditions, 
  • Are 65 and older, or 
  • Living with others at high risk of severe disease”


Many families remain concerned about infection risk. If you would like staff and physicians to mask while in the room with your family please let us know. We will absolutely respect your wishes.


When Masks Are Required

We continue to maintain measures to help prevent the spread of illness in our medical office, including good ventilation. 


Patients with respiratory or gastrointestinal symptoms will be brought through the contagious entrance and asked to mask. This applies to both the symptomatic individuals and any caregivers or family members who may be accompanying them.


Likewise, our staff will wear masks when seeing symptomatic patients to help prevent the spread of illness. If any staff members have symptoms of illness or have had a COVID-19 exposure (and have tested negative for COVID-19), they will mask to further reduce any risk of transmission.


COVID-19 Prevention Remains Important

While the COVID-19 situation looks more promising than it has in a long time, it remains important to do what you can to avoid infection. This includes staying current on COVID-19 vaccines and boosters, and following other general infection prevention measures like washing your hands regularly, staying home when sick, masking in high risk situations, and maximizing ventilation when groups of people are gathered.


Data is growing about long-term effects of COVID-19 infections, even when these infections are very mild. This is true for infants and children as well, not just adults. From persistent respiratory or ganstrointestinal symptoms, to an increased risk of diabetes and cardiac conditions, we are learning more very day about why it is important to prevent infections, especially repeated infections. Talk to your pediatrician about how to protect your family.


East Portland Pediatric Clinic is committed to providing high-quality medical care in a safe and comfortable environment. We continue to closely monitor the latest developments in masking rules for healthcare settings. Our policies will be updated as necessary to ensure the health and safety of everyone who enters our doors.