Spotlight on the HERO Kids Registry

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Today at East Portland Pediatric Clinic, a Portland pediatric clinic, we’re spotlighting the HERO Kids Registry. This Oregon-based program – which is voluntary and available at no cost – securely collects medical information on children and young adults with complex medical needs. That way, if there is an emergency, this vital information can be accessed quickly and easily by 911 personnel and emergency rooms throughout the state.

Whether you have a child or children you think might benefit from the registry, or if you simply wish to learn more about this amazing program, read on for more information.

First, you may ask, who does the HERO Kids Registry work best for? This program works best for children and young adults through the age of 26 with complicated and/or chronic health conditions. This also includes kids who experience developmental disabilities and/or mental health conditions.

Who can register a child or young adult? A parent or legal guardian registers a child, while young adults aged 15-26 can register themselves. All the information listed in the registry is provided by the person who did the registering. So, along with medical needs, it’s also a good idea to include any related information about the kid’s individual needs. A great example is if they are non-verbal.

How does it work? If there’s an emergency, the person calling 911 just needs to let the dispatcher know that the child or young adult is registered with the program. (They can also provide the registry ID number but it’s not necessary.) Emergency personnel can then access the information on the registry in less than 90 seconds. (This happens securely through a confidential provider line or the Emergency Department Information Exchange.)

Is it secure? Absolutely. Besides emergency personnel and the staff at HERO Kids Registry, the only people who can access a registry record are the parents or legal guardians who registered the child or the young adult who registered themselves. And changes to a record can only be made by the person or persons who registered it.

In an emergency, every minute counts. That’s why the HERO Kids Registry allows emergency medical personnel and emergency room providers to hit the ground running if something does happen.

For more information about HERO Kids and how to register, go here.