This week, I thought I’d post a recap article. I’ve touched on a lot different topics in the last couple months and there’s always new content and resources being generated.

Nuts and Bolts Safety:

Your kid is 2 years old, should you turn that car seat around? AAP recommends keeping kids rear facing until the age of two with a preference to keeping the seat rear-facing until the child hits the seat’s height and weight limits for rear-facing. But some parents are keeping their preschoolers rear-facing. Here’s a great article breaking down why rear-facing is key to protecting children in a crash.

The Case for Rear Facing Car Seats

Mental Health Safety:

A couple weeks ago I posted an article on the dangers present in social media. But your tween is starting to assert increasing independence. You want to express to your child that you believe in them but you want to be sure your child can get a hold of you. Here’s one Mom’s solution to smartphone question.

The Smartphone Alternative


Your child is struggling at school, has difficulty regulating themselves, and struggles to maintain enough connection to answer the question “how was your day.” Your child has been sent home from school for the third time this week and you’re starting to wonder if it’s time to start assessing for ADHD. A lot of parents are afraid of this diagnosis and specifically medicating their child. Many parents view ADHD medications as exposing their kids to substance abuse risk. This article talks to those fears and includes the voices of young adults with ADHD, providing an opportunity to consider the internal experience of ADHD.

ADHD, Addiction, and Medication

Flu and Cold Season PSI:

Your kid is sick for the 7th time in the past 3 months. In the month of February, you paid the daycare bill but your kid never actually went. Now your kid has the chills, won’t get off the couch, and hasn’t touched a bite to eat all day. You’ve been the doctor’s office 3 times in the last month already and you dread dragging them all the way to doctor’s office and waiting in a tiny room just to be told it’s a cold. Here’s a great article about why we’re always happy to get your kid checked out. And remember: you can always call and talk to a nurse to see if an appointment is recommended!

It’s Just a Cold

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