Alert: Mail-Order Infant Formulas Recalled

The FDA has announced that a company called Able Groupe is recalling its infant formulas. These formulas do not have the amount of iron recommended for infants (6.7 mg/L), nor do they have a warning on the label. The announcement and pictures of the recalled formulas can be seen on the FDA website.

Two examples of the recalled formulas

Iron is a very important nutrient in infant and child development. Not only is it needed for the production of red blood cells and muscle cells, it is necessary for brain development. With the exception of extremely rare situations, we never recommend the use of low iron supplements. Contrary to some old wives tales, iron in formula does not cause constipation or upset stomach.

Because iron is so important for development, we do screen all infants for iron-deficiency anemia at the 9 month check-up. Give us a call if you have questions.

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