Immunization Information

We believe strongly in the importance of immunizations in  protecting your child's health. Vaccines have done an amazing job preventing childhood disease, long-term disabilities, and death. Here are some resources you can use to educate yourself about vaccines and vaccine-preventable diseases. Please feel free to ask us any questions and find out why we make sure our own kids get their vaccines!

Vaccine Education Center

From one of the nation's leading children's hospitals, everything you could want to know about vaccines, from how they work to safety information

American Academy of Pediatrics

From the AAP, find what immunizations your child needs and get detailed information about the diseases we can prevent.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Information from the CDC, with a special page for parents.

Vaccinate Your Baby

Another great site to help answer your questions and keep you updated on vaccine issues.

Instant Childhood Immunization Scheduler

Enter your child's birthdate to find out what vaccines he or she needs and when.